How-To Open a Position


TL;DR Protected Single Pools allow users to deposit a single asset (like ETH or USDC) and earn yield through a single strategy that is monitored off chain for risk and efficiently compounds rewards. This allows users to earn high yield from liquidity pool strategies while knowing the protocol will automatically withdraw when risks like pool balance and TVL don’t look right. Users earn higher yield on a single asset while knowing their risks are monitored.

Archimedes' Protected Single Pools (PSPs) streamline yield earning in DeFi. Designed for those keen on maximizing yield from assets like ETH, USDC, or BTC. PSPs shield users from the typical risks of liquidity pools and tracks their holdings in their deposited asset.

Key Features

Archimedes’ PSPs aim to combine the benefits of high-yield strategies with the assurance of trust and protection. This approach allows users to explore the advantages of liquidity pools while being shielded from significant risks, such as impermanent loss and potential security breaches.

TL;DR Archimedes provides a way for users to deposit a single asset and get higher yield by using high yielding liquidity pools and compounding the rewards while protecting the assets, saving users time spent on constant monitoring of the pool and managing rewards.


Why deposit with Archimedes?